Club Protocol

Members are required to comply with the following code of protocol:

Each Member shall:-

  • When acting as a Party Wall Surveyor ensure that the spirit of the Act is followed/adhered to in respect of assisting Building Owners whilst at the same time making sure the Adjoining Owner’s rights are enforced.
  • Act impartially when acting as an appointed Surveyor under the Act.
  • Pay subscriptions within thirty days of an official request.
  • Not behave in a manner un-befitting a Member of the Club.
  • Comply with one’s professional body’s Rules of Conduct.
  • Regularly attend meetings and seminars organised by the Club and ensure that one’s knowledge on party wall and boundary matters is kept up to date.
  • Assist other Members with advice and help so requested.

Failure to adhere to the Protocol may result in the Club declining to invite a member to renew their membership. However, Members who are fully retired or non-practising are not bound by Clause 6.

Use of P&T Club's logo

The P&T Club logo may not be used by members for their own business purposes, whether that be on correspondence, or marketing. The logo may only be carried on official Club correspondence and promotional material. A motion to this effect was passed by the Club's National Council in December 2006.

Members can use the Club logo as a link to their entry on the P&T website.

Any queries regarding the use of the Club's logo should be directed to the Club Secretary - Andrew Schofield