Cambridgeshire Branch

Our Branch Meetings are on the first Wednesday of April and the first Wednesday of October each year. We generally meet and have dinner accompanied by an update of news from our attendence at the National Council meetings, trimmed with a review of how we have all been getting on and finished off with a speaker sourced either locally or from the London Branch. We meet in the spirit of the original club, in a pub or restaurant, to learn from each others experiences and advance our knowledge of the role of Party Wall Surveyor.

We have over 20 members who come from all over the county. Our meetings are usually in Cambridge as the majority of members find it easy to get to. We meet in the evening usually 6.30 for 7pm and have lively meetings. Most of the members are housetrained and all are happy to offer an opinion as to the resolution of difficulties suffered by others.

If you would like to join us at our next Branch meeting, please contact either Alex or Keith for further details.

Feedback from Branch Members is always welcome. Please direct these to Alex, as the Branch Representative on National Council, who can raise matters at National Council level.

Members of our Branch have taken advantage of the self assessment “Benchmark” programme with very credible results (very much in the public interest). Well done and thanks to those that took part.