Welcome to P&T

The P&T seeks to advance knowledge of party wall legislation and procedure and to promote best professional practice in its application.

The club is presently undergoing a transformation which will put in place a new governance structure and will set higher standards for the continuing professional development and education of both existing and new members. A brand-new website is under development, and it is planned to replace the club with the Pyramus and Thisbe Society in April 2022. Members can find out more by going to the members area and clicking on "News-Learned Society".

The Club played a pivotal role in the framing of the present Party Wall etc. Act 1996

Founded in 1974 by leading party wall surveyors, the Club is organised on a regional basis throughout England and Wales, with each branch having its own Chairman and programme of events

The name of the Club comes from the characters of Pyramus and Thisbe in Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream: two lovers separated by a wall and who come to a sad end as a result of a dispute between their fathers.