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Past Chairmen of the Club

For the first few years, Chairmen of the Pyramus & Thisbe Club served for two-year terms.  Following the unfortunate demise of Michael Brooks, whilst Chairman, subsequent Chairmen have served one-year terms, with the exception of Paul Cackett in 1998 and 1999, who oversaw major changes in the administration of the Club and the fledgling regional branches. Since 2010 the Chairman again serves for a period of two years to build greater continuity of management.

1976       Alan Gillett
1978       Iain Calder
1980       John Anderson
1982       Tony Poole
1984       Eric Roe
1987       Donald Ensom
1989       Michael Brooks
1990       Jim Cosgrave
1991       Mike Bailey
1992       Alex Schatunowski
1993       Elizabeth de Burgh Sidley
1994       John Allen
1995       John Anstey
1996       Lawrance Hurst
1997       Michael Ney
1998-00  Paul Cackett
2000-01  John Carter
2001-02  Sandra Laing
2002-03  Andrew Smith
2003-04  Don Jessop
2004-05  Alistair Redler
2005-06  Robin Ainsworth
2006-07  James Crowley
2007-08  John Lytton
2008-09  Andrew Norris

2009-10  Keith Douglas

2010-12  John Lynn

2012-       David Moon