North West

North West Branch

The North West Branch is one of the most active of the Club’s branches.

We hold a minimum of four events a year, including the now customary Christmas Social (which is free to members – a thank you for their support over the previous year).

If you would like to join us at our next Branch Meeting, please contact Suzanne for further details.

We are the only Branch outside of London to have held a Party Wall Conference and are actively considering hosting another in 2013. The success of the Conferences allows the Branch to give something back to members, including in the past a complementary copy of the New Green Book to all members who attended a subsequent Branch meeting.

The Branch is represented at National Council level by past Club Chairman Delwyn Jones

Currently the branch is working its way through a series of 'workshops' which reflect the new Guidance Notes issued in 2011. Details of events to be held as part of the current session are published to members throughout the year.

The Branch has also led the way in drafting a new 'Template Award' for use by Party Wall Surveyors. Several meetings to discuss content & format have been held and Delwyn Jones has presented the Template to the Club's National Council.

The Branch in recent years has set out to establish what it’s members want from the Club and hopefully this is reflected in the events that we stage. However, the Club is only as good as the contributions of its members and their feedback, suggestions or criticisms are important to us in managing the branch and moving it forward. Please direct these to Tom or, indeed, any of the contacts mentioned above.